Do you find yourself:
  • Begging money to show up for you, only to watch it flow through your hands, leaving you sad and frustrated?
  • Taking on clients you’re honestly kind of bored by just because they didn’t argue too much about your current fees, and/or
  • Bending over backwards to accommodate clients at a fraction of your rate because you're excited to help them?
  • Wanting to raise your rates but frustrated by the thought, “I can’t get clients I’m excited to work with who can pay my current fees so what kind of shit am I smoking to want to *raise* my prices”?
  • Wondering how *she* can charge 6x or 10x what you do in full integrity while you’re over here hustlin’ for pennies?

I've put together a 5-day mini-course to be
delivered to you via email to help you:

- Cast off the undercharging mentality now,

- Command aligned prices, at last, and

- Finally, feel valued for your service

v v v v v v v v v
This is for Women who:
- Coach or consult with clients.
- Sell done-for-you services, whether paid hourly, per-project, or on retainer.
- Create and sell info-products over which they have full control.
- Have sold services or info-products before, even if it's been months or years. You're established in a way that you will get the most value from this content.

This is NOT for Women who:
- Do MLM or network marketing. You don't have control over what you charge, so this content isn't for you.
- Exclusively launch other peoples' info products as affiliates. You're a true badass for building an audience that loves and respects you enough to buy products/programs/courses that you recommend to them.
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You can expect your first email on March 4, 2020!
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